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When cancer strikes young lives, CLIC Sargent helps families limit the danger cancer causes beyond their health.

Cancer doesn't discriminate. Today, 11 more children and young people will hear the devastating news that they have cancer. From diagnosis, CLIC Sargent's specialist care teams will step in, ready to help, support and guide. They will provide a specialist package of support tailored to each young cancer patient and family.

CLIC Sargent will fight tirelessly for children and young people with cancer, often when they feel they can't. We do this individually, locally and nationally, so that they can focus on the important things, like getting well. And if the worst happens, we will worth with bereaved families to get them support, to help them cope with their emotional pain.






Source: CLIC Sargent

-Today, 11 more children and young people will hear the devastating news they have cancer. 


- Every year in the UK around 4,000 children and young people under 25 are diagnosed with cancer. Around 2,300 are aged 16 to 24-years-old


- Although eight in 10 will survive cancer, it is still the leading cause of death from a single disease among children and young people in the UK


- It is estimated there are 10,000 survivors of childhood cancer aged 24 and under living in the UK. Around 30% of survivors have a chronic health condition and a further 30% have another ongoing health-related problem.


- The type of cancer and its treatment varies for each child or young person, but treatment normally starts straightaway and can last up to three years.


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